donderdag 5 april 2018

March 2018

This month still did not bring springtime weather, which on the one hand is not so very nice, I do long for some warm sunshine on my face, but on the other hand means no work in the garden yet, so more sewing time 😊!

I spent my sewing time finishing my King George III quilt! Pictures of the whole quilt to follow when I have had a chance to make them, so for now….

also I made a few more dodecagons

… and did some clearing up again. I found a box in which I thought I would find an old BOM. I did, but not just one, I found two! Remember the Civil War Tribute quilt/bom designed by Judy Rothermel? I still think that is a lovely quilt, so I sorted the everything out, put things in the correct order and did some sewing on this.

The other one? The Camelot quilt BOM by Dorry (click) , pattern by Trish Harper.  The fabrics are lovely, really Dorry-style, but since I have already made the King George III, I really do not fancy to make another quilt with a similar pattern… so what to do??

Later on in the month the Mr. and I took the car a drove a few hundred kilometers southwards where we spent a great day criss-crossing Paris. It had been 25 years since we were there and it was fun taking the metro from one place to another. We started off at the Place de la Concorde

next:  metro stop Ile de la Cité for the Notre Dame

Hop, hop, into the metro for the Louvre (due to lack of time only visited the outside, hope to be back someday to actually go in)

Question: has anyone visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam? If so, you know the cyclepath that runs underneath it with windows on each side where you can look into the museum…. We walked through the walkway underneath the Louvre with windows on each side where you can also look into the museum and what we saw and the experience was soooo similar to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam…

When I visit the Rijksmuseum again, I will take pictures so I can really compare.

After this back into metro to metrostop Anvers for the Sacre Coeur and Montmartre

we climbed the steps all the way up to the Sacre Coeur, only to find out once we were up there that there is a small finucilair railway that can take you all the way up, no sweat, no painful knees or backs…. Pffff… but it was worth it!

Also the last few steps..

After admiring the view from up there, our favorite part of the day: a lovely, relaxed walk through lovely Montmarte, at this time of year hardly any tourists, it was wonderful!

There were more artists than tourists at the  famous Place du Tertre, it was very laid back

The back streets of Montmartre were also quiet and often empty, which gave us a good opportunity to explore

We took those pretty Montmartre steps to walk back down again

and treated ourselves to some drinks and ‘tarte au citron meringuée’on a terrace with this great view

Last but not least, a visit to two huge fabric stores

We ended our day in a typical French restaurant, with a typical French meal, yummm!

The next few days in France were spent at Emma’s beautiful shop (click) chopping up beautiful collections into fat quarters… a lot of fat quarters….  because Emma was preparing for a big quilt show

friends and family all joined in getting things ready, many hands make light work!

Back home again and I have some great moments to look back on.

Hope you had a lovely Easter and that April will finally bring some spring time weather.

Thank you for visiting,

donderdag 1 maart 2018

February 2018

February flew by, which I do not mind at all as it still is frightfully cold and I much prefer sunshine and nice temperatures so I cannot wait for spring to arrive.
But the low temperatures do give me more time for sewing (in spring and summer some of that time must be spent gardening) so the first part of February I spent time on Phebe.
I thought the whole thing needed a bit of ‘oomph’ so I added some bright red berries:

the large flowers in the upper corners

Time to start attaching that second sawtooth border

And while I pondered over what is next for Phebe, the weather changed from grey and dull into very cold and sunny, which made the trip to Karen’s B&B in Rijpwetering for the talk and show & tell by Hanneke Kwakkenbos from Atelier Vlijtig Liesje about broderie perse all the more pleasant, it was a lovely morning.

Someone was watching over my camera  😊 

Later on in the month I finally made my first dodecagon shape, I fell in love with those during the Margaret Sampson-George workshop I did at Petra Prins’ in Zutphen in January.
Betty Prins (click) was at the workshop with me and also fell for this shape, she invited me for some ‘dodecagonning’ at her atelier. She is way ahead of me (the hexies in the pictures are hers), it was inspiring to see the dodecagons she has already finished, we shared a lovely, warm, chatty morning.

Looking forward to making more of these dodecagons in March, they are quite addictive 😊


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